4/20: Legalize It Dance Cabaret

Come out and support our freedom to dance and to… grow plants and do whatever we want with them!

An all-star cast of dancers provide the non-stop entertainment featuring:

  • Nicole “the Pole” Williams – choreographer for Rihanna in Pour It Up, recently featured in Cardi B’s new video “Money”
  • Crystal Belcher – multi-award winning pole dance performer
  • Ruby Joule – international burlesque sensation
  • Matthew Aldini – pole performance artist and 2018 US Pole Federation Champion
  • Zane Zena – ATX drag queen extraordinaire
  • Bendy Lyndi – certified pole athlete and USPSF and POSA judge
  • Mary Contrary – acro and LED performance expert
  • Iffy Roma and discomonk – a gravity-defying duo
  • Felipa de Palma and Vikka Wrexx – for a pole dancing duet
  • Lilith Allure – Intuitive, Sensual, and Erotic Movement Teacher & Practitioner
  • Timstuh – the “world’s greatest entertainer” – seriously, he’s fun!

Drinks provided by Deep Eddy Vodka, Devils River Whiskey, and the Infinite Monkey Theorem.

April 20th, of course, 8 pm, at Gather Venues (5540 N Lamar Blvd.).

VIP tickets include free drinks, table service, and exclusive after-party.

Tickets available on Eventbrite.

5% of ticket sales will benefit Texas Norml.



We have 3 classes for all levels of pole students:

2 pm Nicole The Pole’s Signature Spinning Pole Combos (Intermediate & Advanced)
Learn some of Nicole’s favorite spin pole combinations. Students will learn how to control their speed while climbing, how to properly invert and how to transition between moves with fluidity. You’ll learn several pole trick combinations and how to transition out of your tricks gracefully. We’ll cover tricks that stay low to the ground and tricks that go up the pole & work their way back down.
(Requirements: Must be able to invert & climb the pole with ease).

4 pm Nicole The Pole’s Bomb Ass Combos (Experienced Beginner & Intermediate)
This class is all about making you look like a Bomb Ass pole dancer even though you’re still new to the sport. It’s not the advanced moves that make a person look fancy, it’s more about the types of moves you do and the finesse in which you execute them. We’ll take some of the coolest beginner & intermediate tricks and create some 60-90 second sequences while adding Sex Appeal, Flare, and Grace to make you a show stealer!
(Requirements: Minimum of 2 months experience in Beginner classes or higher and can climb)

6 pm Crystal Belcher’s “Theatrix”

Fly and flow freely with movement that encourages you to dance differently. Fuse aerial and floor combinations with emotion, intention and connection! This choreography class is aimed at evoking emotions – use of dynamic sequences with powerful pauses; personification of the pole with strategic, seamless transitions; and shapeshifting with a message. Level: All experience and ability levels. Content: *Warm Up / *Conditioning / *Lyrical Interpretation / *Musicality / *Blend aerial shapes, low flow and off pole moves Class Needs: Knee pads, leg warmers, over-the-knee socks, heels and or bare feet may be needed at any given time.

Tickets on Eventbrite